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To genuinely display your red wine, storing as well as offering at the correct temperature is important. Establishing the specific temperature level your white wine must be maintained undergoes several variables, every one of which we'll cover here.


Storage time substantially influences the problems at which your white wine need to be maintained. Generally, suggestions can be separated depending upon whether you're preparing for short-term or lasting storage; where temporary is less than six months, as well as long-term is at any time beyond that.

For short-term storage space, you want to prevent any type of pre-mature aging or anxiety. To do this, a consistent temperature level of 50 ° -59 ° Fahrenheit is best. If you'll be keeping your a glass of wine for longer, you'll wish to maintain your cooler a little colder-- 53 ° to 57 ° Fahrenheit. This temperature will certainly avoid perishing and allow the white wine to age as well as fully grown gracefully.


Red vs. White Wine Storage Temperature
While common to keep whites in the refrigerator as well as reds on the shelf, that's not what the specialists at Red wine Enthusiast suggest. Although different wines ought to be offered at different temperature levels, all wines must be stored at the same temperature.

Whether white, red, gleaming or prepared, we suggest complying with those temperature level standards, relying on how much time you are saving your a glass of wine.

Ideal Temperature by Device
For white wine storage, colders are readily available in single-zone designs as well as dual-zone versions. Solitary zones are frequently more affordable, newbie pleasant and optimal for long-term storage of all glass of wines. Nevertheless, if you are aiming to have both long-term as well as temporary storage along with solution temperatures in the very same device, a dual-zone cooler is probably best. With dual-zone coolers, you can individually readjust the temperature levels of 2 separate storage locations.

Another factor to consider is compressor coolers versus thermoelectric colders. These 2 different kinds of fridges supply their own distinct advantages. While they run like a traditional fridge, compressor colders can get cooler in warmer environments (80 ° F+) as well as are the more preferred of the two. Thermoelectric colders use electricity and home heating plates to operate much more quietly, however you won't locate them in supply as easily.

Are you exclusively storing white wine, or do you have spirits, beer, and mixers to keep cold as well? If the latter is the case, consider considering beverage-center units. These typically have  room for beer/soda containers, typical containers, as well as sparkling wine bottles. Not only do these units free up room in your typical fridge, however they supply a convenient room for all your enjoyable requirements and materials.

Wine Refrigerator Temperature Range

A lot of basic systems have a temperature range in between 40 ° F as well as 65 ° F. Some specialized units can offer temperatures listed below 40 ° F, but that will certainly be too low for a lot of white wines.


Say your reds and also whites are stashed, stored in a cooler at the perfect temperature. Is there anything else you should know about storage to take pleasure in optimum high quality as well as taste? The answer is: Yes.

The location of your unit is something to take into consideration. We suggest staying clear of any particularly extreme environments that could force your a glass of wine cooler to work tougher than it has to. That means non-air-conditioned garages or patios in hot environments.

We strongly recommend preventing locations that are subject to intense ambient temperature fluctuations. This is mosting likely to put some extremely unneeded tension on your red wine refrigerator. As well as while the devices we offer can absolutely stand up to the task, maintaining your refrigerator in a    relatively continuous ambient temperature is mosting likely to prolong its life.

Like any refrigerating tool, wine colders are ranked at specific max-capacities. It is necessary to keep keen attention to these referrals. When red wine refrigerators are over-filled, they won't have the ability to keep a constant, ideal temperature. That brings us to our next point ...

Wine refrigerators operate simply great when under-filled. So, we constantly take into consideration buying for what your white wine collection will be, not what it already is. In this manner, you'll be able to pleasantly expand your collection, without stressing over storage room.


All in all, our white wine fridges are mosting likely to do most of the work for you. But you'll just intend to make a couple of factors to consider to guarantee that you're enhancing the  performance of your unit. We suggest thinking about your present and also future needs to establish which unit is best for your house. No matter what you choose, we have actually absolutely got a red  wine fridge for you. Take a look around our online store-- the perfect device is just a couple of clicks away!